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Las Vegas, NV 89115

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Simultaneous TIG (alumn), Stick, and MIG!!
image of DeCall Thomas owner of Welding Nevada

We're the guys you call when it absolutley has to be done right

Mobile Welding
Mobile Welding on trackhoe at night, weld heavy equipment

Pipe Welder
DeCall, welding large diameter pipe

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Field welding 10" pipe underground

7018 Vertical up
7018 verticle up on large pipe flange

Larrie Thomas was welding in Las Vegas after 1964 for diferent companies like Wells Cargo, TAB, Tiberti etc. In 1977 he established Certified Welding (company). Over the years he worked on many notable projects, mostly Water District jobs, underground pipelines, and heavy equipment. Larrie, along with his brother Bill Thomas, are well known for their work through the 1970's and 80's. Of Larrie's 11 sons, DeCall, and Devin worked in the welding field. Devin as a teenager went into dmascus steel and knife making. DeCall was CEO of Certified Welding Services from 2011-2018 and is now owner of Welding Nevada.
Large diameter pipe
Ernesto welding pipe

learning to weld
DeCall, teaching a welding class

Call Now button test plate example
D1.1 1" test plate example (unfinished)

Jody, DeCall, Rich
Jody Collier from Welding Tips and Tricks recieveing AWS award with DeCall Thomas
and Rich Samanich - SCWI

torch cutting
DeCall using an oxy accetylene torch to cut circles

trencher welding
Ernesto, welding on large trencher teeth and plates

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